An effective poverty reduction plan: It’s as simple as ABC – Policy Brief

The over-arching vision and first steps of a poverty reduction plan matter. This policy brief recommends the first steps that the government can take in order to implement an accountable, bold and comprehensive plan.

Community Champions share their experience meeting with MLAs

Tara S., a constituent in Burnaby-Lougheed, met with her MLA Katrina Chen, who is also the Minister of State for Child Care. Tara kindly shared her experience with us to give you an idea of what you might expect in a meeting with your MLA. Meanwhile Patti Pearcey and Beverley Pitman met with their MLA David Eby, who is also Attorney General for BC. Read about their experiences here.

What We Heard About Poverty in BC Report

The government released a report as well as several supplemental reports outlining “what they heard” during the poverty reduction consultations across the province. The reports clearly show the need for an accountable, bold and comprehensive plan!

Survey-based Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy Report

A new report released in July 2018 surveyed 1,000 low income people in British Columbia and found the health and social impacts of economic hardship to be devastating, ranging from stress to skipping meals to not socializing. Due to low incomes (whether from work, income assistance or pension), housing and food costs are highlighted as the number one challenges throughout BC, followed by health, debt and transportation.

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition Submissions for the Provincial Poverty Reduction Plan

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition made four submissions to the consultations about the upcoming provincial poverty reduction plan including a 27-page submission, developed with considerable input from the Coalition’s member groups, outlines detailed recommendations for a comprehensive, cross-ministerial plan.

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition Resources Page

Take a deep dive into the many resources available on the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s resources page.